September 18, 2012
Spartan dialect

I’ve been thinking about the Spartans in Lysistrata.

Aristophanes made fun of their dialect a lot. Translators usually have the Spartans use some kind of low-status dialect. British translators make them Scottish. My original translation had them as hillbillies.

I’m thinking of changing that a bit, though, because the Spartans weren’t exactly hillbillies, really. They were quiet and unsophisticated, but the were very disciplined in matters of war. Also, they were really, really gay.

I’m thinking of making them into a race of jockish gym bunnies, like big dumb meatheads who can’t really count or read real good but can bench a LOT.

I’ve also considered making them Cold War-ish Russians. Russians, like the Spartans, are funny but kind of scary.

What are your thoughts?

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